Money Manifestation – Free Coloring Book Page!

Apply the Law of Attraction technique of manifestation by focusing and meditating on the following affirmation:  Money Comes to Me Easily and Frequently while you blissfully color away!

I’ve included flowers rich with symbolism as listed below, but don’t get hung up on the symbolism.  Know that it is more important that you set your own intention and experience how it would actually feel for the affirmation to be true in your life as you color.

Lily Symbolism & Colors:

Pink (Stargazer) Lilies are a symbol of prosperity and abundance.

Orange (Tiger) Lilies are a symbol of confidence, pride and wealth.

Poppy Symbolism:

The poppy flower has a strong connection to symbolism throughout history and a variety of meanings which include success, extravagance and luxury.

Chrysanthemum Symbolism:

Chrysanthemums symbolize optimism and joy.  In Japan each year there is even a National Chrysanthemum Day, also referred to as the Festival of Happiness.  You can’t go wrong with a flower honored by an entire day of celebration!

Download your free printable coloring page by right clicking on the image!

Money Comes to Me Easily and Frequently

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